Author: matthewjcroutch

Thoughts from a Disabled Writer #5

Dear Reader,                     Last week I had some time off and I decided to read an actual book. It turns out this book became one of my favorite stories to read. The book in question I am referring to is Agatha Christie’s And Then There Were None. As I read this book there were […]

Thoughts from a Disabled Writer #3

Dear Reader,                     This week I was planning to talk about another book, but my mind has been consumed with something ever since I watched the movie, Kate. While I enjoy the movie a lot, some plot points made me question the way writers use assassins as main characters. For years I loved […]

Thoughts from a Disabled Writer #2

Dear Reader,                     The term binging is used for watching TV nowadays. However, have you ever read a book series that you could not put down? For me, a nine-book series called Fate of the Jedi by Aaron Allston, Christie Golden, and Troy Denning was one series I could not put down. This Star […]

The Price of Freedom

It started with what I thought were nightmares. In them I killed and ate five humans. I couldn’t help myself, something in me compelled me to do it. In this nightmare, I was chasing a woman down as she ran with her child in her arms. My goal was clear; to kill them both and devour them. I could remember my mouth watering at the thought of her flesh. At the same time, I tried to stop myself from continuing my rampage. My very soul screamed in protest.