Thoughts from a Disabled Writer #4

Dear Reader,    

                Sorry for being away for two weeks. There was some stuff that was out of my control. Lately. I have been working on a first draft for a novel and I came to the realization that when it comes to a first draft it is the hardest part and sometimes the most painful to write. The first draft of any story is just to get the idea down on paper, so it is out of your brain. However, after I write it down, or in this case, record my ideas, my brain tells me how I could have done it better.

                In my opinion, this is perfectly okay. The first draft is meant for the author and people who help the author. You are supposed to make mistakes in this draft of your story. Over the course of writing the story, you are supposed to rewrite what doesn’t work. A first draft can show you the flaws in your idea and where to expand your idea.

                There are parts of my first draft that I absolutely hate but I write them to keep the flow of the story. I know that I can change them later as much as I need to. I used to be in the mindset that you would only need one draft of a story and when I was proven wrong that is when my writing really took off.

                                Matthew J. Croutch

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  1. Allen Eriksen

    I’m looking forward to your thoughts and story. Every culture and sub culture has their ways of thinking. I’ve experienced this all over the world and even through my daughter. It’s not only an insight of cultures, but through your personal perspective. 🙂

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