Author: matthewjcroutch

United They Rise

On the Horun continent of Nebu, the slave named Sem had given up on life. The most notable thing that identified him as Horun had been taken away: his wings. However, when another slave named Raleema blames him for a tragedy that happens in the mine, he is forced into waging a war against Pharaoh […]

Thoughts from a Disabled Writer A twisted review #1

Dear Reader,                     Lately I have been reading a great book series called A Twisted Tale. This series takes Disney animated movies and makes them darker. The first book in the series is called A Whole New World, this is based on the movie Aladin and uses the title of the main song from […]

Thoughts from a Disabled Writer #7

Dear Reader,                     If you were watching TV in the early 2000s then chances are you knew of the show CSI and its countless spin-offs. This year we had CSI: Vegas, a continuation of the original CSI with a couple of returning characters. In this blog post, I will review the story of CSI: […]