Thoughts from a Disabled Writer A twisted review #7

Dear Reader,    

                I was avoiding the movie, Frozen, for years because I had no interest in watching it. I only watched it recently to do a review of Conceal, Don’t Feel by Jen Calonita and I have to say I like this book better than the movie it is based on. In fact, this book is one of the best in the Twisted Tales series. I was worried about reading this because I did not like the last book that the author wrote but I was surprised, and I couldn’t put the book down.

                The book is about what if Anna and Elsa were separated and had their memories wiped after the incident in the first ten minutes of the movie. While I feel like I have seen this idea a bit too much, it was written in a way that was unique and refreshing. The events of the movie happened in a similar way but was written to present a new angle on the plot. Elsa is a lot more relatable, and Anna doesn’t make as many mistakes as she does in the movie.

                No book is perfect. While I like Elsa in this novel, I wish she was written a bit stronger. The Elsa in the movie gave off the impression that by the end she was a strong woman. Here, she does not have as strong of a will as her movie counterpart. Conceal, Don’t Feel is a well written book with only one minor flaw. I highly recommend reading this book to see what Frozen could have been.      

                              Matthew J. Croutch