Thoughts from a Disabled Writer #2

Dear Reader,    

                The term binging is used for watching TV nowadays. However, have you ever read a book series that you could not put down? For me, a nine-book series called Fate of the Jedi by Aaron Allston, Christie Golden, and Troy Denning was one series I could not put down. This Star Wars novel series sucked me in so deep that I could not stop listening to the audio book.

                While this series had three different authors you could not tell. Each author’s style blended perfectly with the others. In the series Luke and his son, Ben, must investigate a disturbance in the force while Luke is exiled from the Jedi temple. This series takes place before Disney bought the rights to Star War; because of that we have a completely different Luke and a different Republic.

                The minor downfall of this series is it relied on the reader to have knowledge of twenty-five years’ worth of books. However, to its credit it explains almost everything from a previous book. You are never lost in this series and yet the books don’t hold your hand either. This series is meant for the hard-core Star Wars fan. I highly recommend you read this series if you want to satisfy your Star Wars craving.

                Matthew J. Croutch