Together they Fall

Together they Fall

Together they Fall

On the Elvish continent of Giana, Captain Ayleen Ebella is investigating a series of deaths. After a catastrophic life-altering event at the New Year’s Eve celebration, she is desperate to figure who the Mad Wizard of Thaldor is before he strikes again. Together with Tyran, a thief turned informant, she has to race against time to stop the wizard. Meanwhile, Princess Dariusa starts her own cult in effort to try and seize the throne from her mother, Queen Merri. Three questions are on Ayleen’s mind; How could one person divide an entire continent, who is the bigger threat, and how does she reunite a people torn apart by colour?

Artwork by Edgardo Gonzales

“Together They Fall” is now available on Archway Publishing, Amazon, and Barnes and Noble. To purchase, please use the links below!

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9 thoughts on “Together they Fall

  1. Danielle Williams

    Hi Matthew!! Is there anyway to get a signed copy? Also, do you get more money based on the site I order from? I want to make sure I order the most beneficial way for the author!! Thanks!! Can’t wait to read it!! Happy Holidays! 🤍🤍🤍

  2. Kamila

    Hello Matthew,

    I have just seen You on TikTok and I would love to read Your book, but I don’t know where to buy it. I saw a link on Amazon, but I’m not sure if the funds would go straight to your account.

    Please let me know.
    I love fantasy novels!

    Kind regards,

  3. Cindy

    Hello! Would this be appropriate for a teenager, do you think, in terms of say, violence, or language, or sex/nudity? I looked at and Amazon in the US and couldn’t find that out. My niece loves fantasy and adventure, and it’s very cool that two of the main characters are girls/women. Thanks!

  4. Antoine

    Hey Matthew! I just saw a reddit post about you and your book. You’re inspiring mate. And i just order your book. I am sooo looking forward to read it.

    Best of luck man and i hope you write many more books.

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